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Welcome – The Daisy Haven Farm: School of Integrative Hoofcare is dedicated to providing education about the horse's hoof.

Online Beginning Trimming Course

This online course is an immersive experience into the horse and hooves! Each of the 13 modules have multiple lessons in Presentation and Video format, with Photos and Articles as well. Go at your own pace, go in order, or jump around, the choice is yours. Take it wherever you go! That way when we do get together for hands-on work, we can focus on the practical because you’ll already have a solid foundation under your belt!

Option 2 12 Monthly Payments of $85 $1020

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  • Full access to all 13 modules for 12 months
  • Only $25/month after the first year to continue full access to all course material.
  • One-on-one Mentorships with Daisy available.

Option 3 à La Carte $50

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  • Month-to month access to individual modules.
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