RHDP: Recognizing Hoof Distortion Practitioner

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Farriers earning Level 1 Endorsement will be able to confidently recognize and identify hoof capsule distortion through relating internal and external anatomy.

The DHF Level 1 Endorsed Farrier benefits by gaining feedback on the accuracy of their work through progressive series of hoof balancing radiographs on cadaver hooves. Participating farriers will gain critical hoof assessment skills through completion of the program. Farriers completing certification will see 150+ cadaver hooves with progressive radiographs used to assess hoof balance to be eligible for testing for certification.

Teaching modalities used:
Anatomy Identification on Cadaver Hooves

  • Recognize distal limb anatomy
  • Be fluent in foot function theory Hoof Mapping on Cadaver Hooves
  • Map the external landmarks accurately
  • Check your map through radiograph and dissection
    Pre and Post Trim Radiographs for hoof balance assessment purposes only:
  • Assess footprint placement around the center of rotation of the hoof capsule
  • Assess Palmar P3 Angle• Assess M/L balance
  • Trim Cadaver Hooves and gain immediate feedback on your work
  • Courses are not trim style specific, apply any trim to gain feedback on your work

DHF Level 1 Endorsement Requirements

Enrolling students must have completed one year of previous experience trimming horse feet.

Those new to hoof care will be accepted into the program, however, additional perquisites must be met prior to enrollment. Please contact us for details.

Upon enrollment into the DHF Level 1 Program, participants have two years to complete the program, or additional coursework may be required.

16 hours of lecture, and 64 hours hands on work assessing cadavers is the minimum hours required for eligibility for testing. There is no limit on the number of course hours completed before testing.

Course hours can be completed via participation in the DHF Cadaver Workshops. The first three days of the 5 day extended workshops will also count for required hours.

Testing for Endorsement involves a written, practical, and oral exam.

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For more information, please contact us at: Clinic@DaisyHavenFarm.com.