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Farriers enrolled in the DHF Level 2 Endorsement will build on their understanding of the relationship between external structure and internal anatomy from the Level 1 Coursework. Further, the farrier will learn to apply that knowledge based on the Daisy Haven Farm Hoof Guidelines, moving from cadavers to live horses in real life scenarios. Upon Endorsement, the Level 2 Farrier will have a well rounded skill set for success in the farrier industry with additional study of distal limb anatomy and hoof pathology, effect of load on the foot, locomotion, lameness assessment, alternative materials application, business, communication and team building skills, documentation: all specialized skills placing the farrier in a niche market.

Farriers who are enrolled in the Level 2 program are also eligible to attend Level 1 classes at no charge and Assist/Teach as qualified. Number of spots at each Level 1 course is limited.

Topics covered for endorsement:

Further training of the farrier’s eye by assessing cadaver hooves with progressive radiographs.

  • In depth analysis of hoof pathology, lameness theory, and addressing common and uncommon hoof issues.

Anatomy of the distal limb

  • Identifying ligaments, tendons, soft tissue structures and bones in great detail
  • Study of anatomy with Paige Poss www.Anatomy-of-the-Equine.com

Locomotion and Lameness

  • Study of practical locomotion with Dr Judith Shoemaker www.PosturalRehabVets.com
  • Slow motion video capture and analysis
  • Leverage testing

Lecture, practical and experiential approach to understanding of the effect of the load on the foot

  • What is Anatomy vs. Conformation vs. Posture?
  • Understanding the influence of feet, teeth and Postural Rehabilitation on the health of the horse taught by Dr Judith Shoemaker www.PosturalRehabVets.com

Learn how to conduct objective documentation of your work

  • Using the digital camera with scale markers for accurate measurements
  • Keep detailed records for each horse through digital media

Building best business practices and client communication skills

  • Covering basic business plans, tax issues, pricing strategies, bookkeeping, etc

Learn effective Team Building skills:

  • Hone your communication skills, steps to addressing owner and vet concerns, and gaining client compliance

Understanding and use of glue and composite materials: shoes, boots, casts and pads

  • Understand when a shoe is needed and basic shoeing principles whether metal or plastic
  • Hands on application of glue and optional nailing techniques
  • Techniques for solving lameness issues with composites and glue-ons

Upon pre-requisite completion of the DHF Level 1 Endorsement the student is eligible for enrollment in the DHF Level 2 Endorsement Program. Participants have four (4) years to complete the program, or additional coursework may be required. No course hours before 2013 will count towards current requirements.

The following curriculum must be completed for eligibility for testing. There is no limit on the number of additional course hours completed before testing.

  1. Attend the following Daisy Haven Farm Level 2 Course Hours (1 day = 8 hours):
    • 32 Level 2 Lecture Hours
    • 32 Level 2 Cadaver Hours
    • 32 Live Horse Hours
    • 32 Composite Shoeing Hours
  2. Additionally, attend the following Daisy Haven Farm Courses and associated requirements:
    • one Business and Client Communication Course (2 days)
      • Submit a SWOT Analysis, Business Plan and Logo
    • one Postural Rehabilitation Course (1.5 days)
      • 3 Mentorship Days with Dr Judith Shoemaker required in addition to the course
    • one Advanced Anatomy Course (2 days)
      • Day 1: Instructor dissection
      • Day 2: Student dissection with labels and photographs
    • one Documenting the Horse’s Foot Course (1 day)
      • Following the course, submit 6 Case Studies using accurate documentation over 6 month time period
  3. Participate in three non-Daisy Haven Farm philosophy ride-alongs (with vets, farriers, dentists, chiropractors, or trainers) to expand understanding of other approaches to farriery. Must have prior approval from Daisy Haven Farm for ride-along to count.
  4. Submit a written essay for each professional (400-600 words) describing your experience and what you learned
  5. Mentorship one-on-one with Daisy Bicking: minimum three days, days do not need to be consecutive.
  6. Participation in the Facebook Daisy Haven Farm Student Group critiquing each other’s work and discussing issues related to horses and farriery
  7. Completion of written assignments
  8. Membership in the Equine Lameness Prevention Organization (ELPO) and American Association of Professional Farriers (AAPF)

Testing for Level 2 Endorsement involves a written, practical, and oral exam.

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