Level 1

Farriers earning the Level 1 Endorsement will be able to confidently recognize and identify hoof capsule distortion through relating internal and external anatomy. Level 1 is non-discipline specific.

The DHF Level 1 Endorsed Farrier benefits by gaining feedback on the accuracy of their work through progressive series of hoof balancing radiographs on cadaver hooves. Participating farriers will gain critical hoof assessment skills through completion of the program. Farriers completing certification will see 150+ cadaver hooves with progressive radiographs used to assess hoof balance to be eligible for testing for certification.

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Level 2

Farriers earning the DHF Level 2 Endorsement will have an excellent understanding of hoof balance and relating external anatomy to internal structure. Further the farrier will have a well rounded skill set for success in the farrier industry with additional specialized skills placing them in a niche market.

Farriers completing DHF Level 2 Endorsement Program will see 300+ cadaver hooves with progressive radiographs used to assess hoof balance. They will also work on 30 live horses, and study distal limb anatomy, business and communication skills, and the effect of load on the foot and more.

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