Friday May 1st: Lecture Day

  • Discussion of the Horse and the Foot: Anatomy, Structure and Function
  • X-ray Comparisons: External and Internal Hoof Relationships
  • Where’s P3: Test Your Skills on Placing P3 Inside the Hoof Capsule
  • Detailed Case Study Presentation: Photos, X-rays, and Videos

Saturday May 2nd: Cadavers

  • Demonstration and Hands-on for Participants on Cadaver Feet
  • X-ray Evaluation of Cadaver Feet: Evaluation and Discussion on Assessing Hoof Distortions and Reading the Foot
  • Hoof Mapping: Finding Reliable External Landmarks and Comparing to Internal Anatomy
  • Tool Use and Comparison of Different Trim Applications

Sunday May 3rd: Live Horse Practice

  • Practice Whole Horse Assessment, Hoof Mapping, and Trimming on Live Horses

Monday May 4th: Glue And Composite Shoe Demo Day

  • Learn how different glues work and how to be successful gluing composite shoes
  • Live Horse Demonstration

Tuesday May 5th: Glue And Composite Shoe Hands-On Day

  • Participant Participation: Glue/Nail Composites on Cadavers
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