To register please contact: Terra Bortels, (517)375-1984,

Friday March 20th: LECTURE DAY

  • Discussion of the Horse and the Foot: Anatomy, Structure and Function
  • X-ray Comparisons: External and Internal Hoof Relationships
  • Where’s P3: Test Your Skills on Placing P3 Inside the Hoof Capsule
  • Detailed Case Study Presentation: Photos, X-rays, and Videos
  • Whole Horse Approach to Hoof Care: Postural Rehabilitation

Saturday March 21st: DEMO DAY

  • Live Horses: Assessment, Mapping, Radiographs and Trimming
  • When and Why to Use Glue-on Composite Shoes
  • How to be Successful Using Glue-on Composite Shoes

Sunday March 22nd: HANDS ON DAY *Limited to 15*

  • Hands-on for Participants on Cadaver Feet
  • X-ray Evaluation of Cadaver Feet: Evaluation and Discussion on Assessing Hoof Distortions and Reading the Foot
  • Hoof Mapping: Finding Reliable External Landmarks and Comparing to Internal Anatomy
  • Tool Use and Comparison of Different Trim Applications


$225 for Day 1 and Day 2 (no hands on)
$375 for All 3 Days (includes hands on)

To register please contact: Terra Bortels, (517)375-1984,

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