And let’s be honest, when we make the time to get to in-person courses, there’s never enough time in a 3-5 day course to cover all the theory, technique and practice hands-on that we want. I always feel like I have to jam so much content into those days I often don’t do a thorough enough job on any of it!

Enter the world of online learning!

This online course is an immersive experience into the horse and hooves! Each of the 13 modules have multiple lessons in Presentation and Video format, with Photos and Articles as well. Go at your own pace, go in order, or jump around, the choice is yours. Take it wherever you go! That way when we do get together for hands-on work, we can focus on the practical because you’ll already have a solid foundation under your belt!

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  • Only $25/month after the first year to continue full access to all course material.
  • One-on-one Mentorships with Daisy available.

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A message from Daisy

I am working hard on creating and editing all of the content for each Module. My goal is for each lesson to be AMAZING and deliver quality content that is easy to understand. Unfortunately that is not a quick process but I refuse to release junk!

As of July 1st, all of modules 1-4 are finished (although I have plans of adding more content to those initial modules in the future as ideas and techniques progress!). I will add new lessons to further modules as soon as they are completed, focusing on doing the modules in order, but I will not hold completed videos back. The A La Cart option will only show completed modules as available.

Online Course Syllabus

• What are you balancing to and why?
• What is balance?
• Different trim styles
• How do you know you have the right balance for the hoof and horse?
• Postural Rehabilitation with Dr. Judith Shoemaker

• Picking the right tools for you
• Proper knife use, including sharpening
• When and how to use nippers
• Rasp control
• Grinder and power tool use
• Hoof stands
• Measurement devices: when to use them
• Leg protection and human gear: gloves, shoes

• How to take accurate photos
• How to get excellent radiographs from. your veterinarian
• What kind of movement to video
• How to use your phone for accurate imagery
• Scale and measurement markers
• Photo tracking and record keeping

• Keeping your body (and your back!) healthy
• Mechanics of getting under the horse
• Alternative methods for working on the foot
• Problem solving difficult horses

• Anatomy of the hoof
• Understanding the whole horse
• Recognizing an ideal foot
• Understanding the 5 Hoof Distortion Types
• Using Distortion types to give you X-ray vision

• What is Hoof Mapping
• Tools for Hoof Mapping
• How to appropriately use Hoof Mapping
• Sole Mapping vs. Hoof Mapping
• Demonstrations of Hoof Mapping
• Common mistakes of Hoof Mapping

• Applying a trim step-by-step
• Assessment
• Practical Use of Hoof Mapping in 3D
• Gaining Endurance
• Getting a Flow to the Trim
• Sexy Plexy: Flat vs. Level
• Avoiding Trapezoidal Distortions

• What is Pathology vs. Distortion
• Front of the foot problems/Back of the foot problems
• Laminitis
• Navicular
• Arthritis
• Canker
• Quittor
• Thrush
• White Line Disease
• Cracks

• Selecting and Using Hoof Boots
• Using Hoof Armor
• Hoof topicals and soaks for thrush and white line disease
• Wrapping the foot

• Finding your confidence
• Keeping your horse on a schedule especially while you're learning
• Defining success
• Knowing your limits
• Who to call when you need help

• Chips and cracks
• Shedding sole and frog
• Foot tenderness
• Detecting heat and digital pulses
• Bruising
• Abscesses

• This tier is for watching trimming demos of all different kinds!

• Nutritional guidelines for equines
• Feeding plan for all horses
• Modifications for special needs
• Metabolic horses
• Hard-keepers