Foundation Online Hoof Care and Trimming Course

Foundation principles of hoof care, assessment and trimming techniques for all levels of experience

Course Summary

This course is designed to cover all the core concepts to help the horse build the healthiest feet possible.  From assessing the foot, to making a plan, to implementing that plan, including the art and application of trimming, you'll learn how to best support the horse in their hoof care journey.

Course Curriculum

Nowell Stoen

Ontario Canda

I highly recommend Daisy Haven Farm School of Integrative Hoof Care Online Course.  I started with no experience in hoof trimming, I have owned horses for over 45 years and had previously relied on the expertise of local farriers. My search to understand why my horses were unable to maintain healthy hooves was my incentive for taking a hoof trimming course.  Daisy Bicking's reputation as a hoof care provider, and  teacher, as well her innovative and progressive approach to hoof rehabilitation was an important factor in considering her online course.

The online course is a complete trim course, affordable with the ability to make payments, and I could go through the lessons at my convenience. Daisy's online course introduced me to hoof trimming that encompassed current science and published research data as well as her own documented case studies. Daisy is a great speaker, conveying the information in a very clear and concise way; it was easy to translate her lessons into real world applications. The course is organized into modules with lessons that are formatted to help you make informed trim decisions as well as tool use and instruction.  

In completing the course,  I trim horses hooves with confidence. I can identify; pathologies, rotational deformaties, HPA, proficient in hoof mapping, understanding, analyzing and improving horse posture, documenting hoof, and trim progression, assess radiographs from a trimmers perspective and more. I was able to (take care of) three horses with metabolic issues in my own herd as well as a PPID horse with the vet.  I trim horses for other owners as well. I am empowered as a horse owner and grateful I had the opportunity to take this course to help my own horses as well as others. 

Daisy Bicking

Daisy is a dynamic person who loves to mentor, teach and cheerlead those around her.  Her passion is helping horses live their best lives through providing and teaching hoof care in a truly integrative whole horse platform.  Daisy has been a farrier practicing around the world for 18 years, and supports horses who need more intensive interventions on site at Daisy Haven Farm in Pennsylvania as well.  In 2009 Daisy started teaching hoof educational courses and since then travels the US and abroad teaching and speaking about the horse and hoof.  More recently, Daisy has taken a lot of her educational content to online platforms due to social distancing and quarantine restrictions with Covid-19.  She is glad to be able to get back to in person workshops and continue the virtual courses as well.  

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