Laminitis Lecture

In this 1 hour lecture and materials you will learn the foundation of understanding laminitis and strategies to help the laminitic horse.

Lecture Summary

  • What is laminitis?
  • Laminitis triggers
  • Best practices for hoof care for laminitic horses
  • Radiographs for hoof care for laminitis
  • Fostering a team approach for success
  • Looking at acute vs chronic horses differently

In this one hour lecture with associated support materials you will learn core information and best practices to prepare you to help the laminitic horse.  

Access this lecture for a one-time fee until Daisy's Laminitis Course is launched closer to the end of 2023.  By purchasing this lecture, you'll receive a coupon for $85 credit towards the new course when it launches as well!

Course Curriculum

Daisy Bicking

Daisy is a dynamic person who loves to mentor, teach and cheerlead those around her.  Her passion is helping horses live their best lives through personally providing and also teaching hoof care incorporating integrative modalities to benefit the whole horse .  Daisy has been a farrier practicing around the world for 20 years, and supports horses who need more intensive interventions on site at Daisy Haven Farm in Pennsylvania as well.  In 2009 Daisy started teaching hoof educational courses and since then travels the US and abroad teaching and speaking about the horse and hoof.  More recently, Daisy has taken her educational content to online platforms as well as continuing in-person workshops, mentorships and consultations.

Makayla K.

Owner/Casper's Rider

Before I met Daisy I saw a lot of obese horses with laminitis that never fully recovered despite their owner's efforts.  Daisy taught me that laminitis is a whole horse problem and even the smallest details matter.  I have seen her successfully rehabilitate laminitic horses that others had given up on, including this amazing pony, Casper.

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