September 22-24th, 2023 Workshop, Nova Scotia

Equine Anatomy, Hoof Mapping & Trimming, Reading Radiographs for Hoofcare, Glue-on Composite Shoeing

Host and Location: Arbour Ridge Farm, 123 Old Salmon River Road, Truro, NS

In this in-depth hoof workshop you will learn:

Day 1: Dynamic Discussion About the Horse and Hoof
                                ~Discussion of the horse and the foot: anatomy and function
                                ~Radiograph comparisons: external and internal hoof relationships  
                                ~Where’s P3: Test your skills on placing P3 inside the hoof capsule
                                ~Case study presentation: photos with scaled comparable radiographs and videos
                                ~Whole horse approach to hoof care: Postural Rehabilitation

Day 2: Practical Application of Assessment, Mapping and Trimming
                                ~Demos and hands-on for participants:
                                                   ~Assessing the whole horse
                                                   ~Hoof mapping & trimming to specific goals using objective information

Day 3: Glue-on Composite Shoeing Education and Demos
                                 ~Discussion of different glues and composite shoes
                                  ~Glueing best practices
                                  ~Demonstrations of adding glue-on composite shoeing
                                                   ~for performance
                                                   ~for rehabilitation

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    $210 USD

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  • Auditor

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    For those who would like to learn more, but have no intention of trimming/shoeing horses themselves

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Included Pre-Workshop Course Material

Daisy Bicking

Daisy is a dynamic person who loves to mentor, teach and cheerlead those around her.  Her passion is helping horses live their best lives through personally providing and also teaching hoof care incorporating integrative modalities to benefit the whole horse .  Daisy has been a farrier practicing around the world for 20 years, and supports horses who need more intensive interventions on site at Daisy Haven Farm in Pennsylvania as well.  In 2009 Daisy started teaching hoof educational courses and since then travels the US and abroad teaching and speaking about the horse and hoof.  More recently, Daisy has taken her educational content to online platforms as well as continuing in-person workshops, mentorships and consultations.

Kimi Bunetta
Hoof Care Provider

Highly Recommended Course. Easy to Understand, Informative, Very Well Organized. The Course is Full of Practical and Valuable for Anyone who wants to Enhance their Skills. Really Enjoyed it. Thank you!!