Cutting Edge Horse and Hoof Education 

Daisy Bicking, Hoof Rehabilitation expert of 19 years, brings you the best information, tutorials and support to help you help the horses in your care.  

Daisy's Patreon Blog focuses on advanced pathology case studies, how-to videos of glue on composite shoeing, and live/recorded sessions working on horses.  

Daisy's hands on live workshops encompass theory, anatomy, hoof evaluation,  live horse assessment, tool use, horse handling, glue on composite shoeing, and more!  It will help you bridge the gap between hoof theory and applying the practical day-to-day work of hoof care.

Learn about the horse and hoof from  the convenience of your own screen.   Whether it's developing and maintaining a solid foundation for hoof care, learning the best practices of running your own hoof care business, or taking a deep dive into some of the more complicated cases and pathologies, Daisy has an online course for you!

This book is the foundation of all Daisy Haven Farm educational content. Spiral bound, and printed on waterproof, never-tear, heavy duty paper.  Available in two sizes: 

The "Backpack Edition"  (12” x 7.5")
The "Educator Edition"(17" x 10.5")

About Daisy 

Daisy is a dynamic person who loves to mentor, teach and cheerlead those around her. Her passion is helping horses live their best lives through providing and teaching hoof care through a truly integrative whole horse platform.

Daisy has been a farrier practicing around the world for 18 years, and supports horses who need more intensive interventions on site at Daisy Haven Farm in Pennsylvania as well. In 2009, Daisy started teaching hoof educational courses and since then, travels the US and abroad teaching and speaking about the horse and hoof. More recently, Daisy has taken a lot of her educational content to online platforms due to social distancing and quarantine restrictions with Covid-19. She is glad to be able to get back to in person workshops and continue the virtual courses as well.