Cutting Edge Horse and Hoof Education

Daisy Bicking, hoof care provider and educator of 20 years, brings you the best information, tutorials and support to help you help the horses in your care.

Do you have 'x-ray' vision?
Can you confidently see the anatomy inside the horse's foot from the outside?  Gain confidence with Daisy!

Need help with tool use?  Glue-on composite shoe application?  Understanding and addressing hoof pathologies?  We have resources to help you! 

About Daisy 

Daisy is a dynamic person who loves to mentor, teach and cheerlead those around her. Her passion is helping horses live their best lives through providing and teaching hoof care through a truly integrative whole horse platform.

Daisy has been a farrier practicing around the world for 20 years, and supports horses who need more intensive interventions on site at Daisy Haven Farm in Pennsylvania as well. In 2009, Daisy started teaching hoof educational courses and since then, travels the US and abroad teaching and speaking about the horse and hoof.  Daisy has taken a lot of her educational content to online platforms as well.